Hypnotherapy & Coaching in Manchester or on Skype

I help you to rapidly transform anxiety & fear into true authentic confidence, inspiring & empowering you to move forward with freedom and clarity

Anxiety to Confidence

Life-changing breakthrough sessions in Manchester or via Zoom.

In this powerful 90 minute session, we get straight to the core of the issue, rapidly releasing the root cause of your anxiety and allowing you to replace it with true authentic confidence.

Transformational Confidence Coaching

Transform your mindset to move beyond anxiety & fear & achieve your goals. 

Available as a single session or as part of a longer term package.


Sports Performance Mind Coaching & Optimisation

Maximise your natural gifts and talents & discover true confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Release fear, anxiety & develop unshakeable self-belief in yourself to ensure top performance and consistency. 

Fear-Free Flying Online Course & One to One Sessions

Overcome a fear of flying and become a calm and confident flyer with my specialist one to one sessions. 

Or sign up for my online Fear-Free Flying course and get yourself ready to fly from the comfort of your own home.

As a specialist in anxiety and confidence, I am ideally placed to help you move beyond anxiety & fear & to develop a true sense of confidence in yourself and in life as a whole. Hypnotherapy sessions for anxiety are available in Manchester and worldwide over Skype.


“I can not recommend Liam enough. After just one session, I am feeling like a new person with a whole new life. I’ve struggled with anxiety for 13 years or more and I am finally free…”

Work with Me - Hypnotherapy Sessions and Coaching Packages

My unique approach features a combination of therapy, including hypnosis, along with many other cutting-edge techniques and coaching. Hypnotherapy sessions in Manchester and on Skype for anxiety last approximately 90 minutes. Each session is designed to be life-changing and in many cases, people only require one session to achieve the change they desire. In some cases though, people see value in additional work in the form of coaching and in some cases benefit from working with me over a longer period.

Anxiety to Confidence Breakthrough Session

Available in person in Manchester or worldwide via Skype

This a life-changing 90 minute session in which we work to clear the causes of your anxiety, removing and releasing the effects of past traumas, limiting beliefs and accumulated stress.

This session will allow you to replace anxiety with a real sense of clear confidence in yourself and life and building a true authentic sense of self-esteem.

This is an extremely fast way of releasing the weight of anxiety and allowing yourself to move forward with a sense of peace, calm and confidence.

  • Release anxiety, stress, fear & trauma
  • Change beliefs, attitude, self-image
  • Build a real authentic confidence
  • Build resilience 
  • Grow self-esteem

About Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is an invaluable tool in helping people to produce positive change in their lives. I see it as an excellent way of bypassing the ‘gatekeeper’ of the conscious mind to make positive changes on an unconscious or subconscious level. It could be argued that throughout every day of our lives we conduct our daily business in various differing trance states, so this is actually not an unusual state to be in.

Hypnotherapy is the term for hypnosis used in a therapeutic setting and this is certainly a very enjoyable, relaxing and focused state to be in. It’s a very similar experience to deep states of meditation, when the mental chatter of the conscious mind disappears to leave a quiet, calm focus. It is very different from a sleep state, and you are likely to be aware of your surroundings and my voice. 

Hypnotherapy works especially well when used alongside the amazing Psy-Tap techniques and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Hypnotherapy sessions can be conducted in person in my clinic in Manchester City Centre or over Skype.

A range of cutting edge therapies

Although I am a qualified hypnotherapist, hypnotherapy is only a small part of what I do. Much of the sessions are conducted with the eyes open, looking to get directly to the root of the issue and using the latest techniques and strategies to transform these issues at the deepest level possible.

These techniques include Kinetic Shift, NLP and the revolutionary Psy-Tap, which has TFT tapping at its core which helps us to make change at an energetic level. This ensures that the change is fast and permanent.

I have undertaken extensive training over the last five years to ensure that you have access to the best, life-changing tools and resources in a highly professional environment.

Lasting change in rapid time

My Qualifications:

Certified in Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psy-Tap, Kinetic Shift, Thought-Field Therapy

Specialist areas:


Developing Confidence

Panic Attacks



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