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Liam Hand

Transformational Coach, Hypnotherapist, Sports Performance Coach & Corporate Wellbeing Consultant

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Is it time to truly optimise your life, career or company? Wellbeing and optimising performance have always been passions of mine, and I love nothing more than to help people and companies to transform in rapid time. Sometimes you can feel that something is holding you back from truly blossoming into your true potential

On a personal level, this can often be past trauma, limiting beliefs & programming or fear. In companies or sports teams, this can be issues with general wellbeing and the team dynamic in terms of mindset and harmony.

I have dedicated myself over the past 8 years to learning the fastest, most powerful approaches in coaching and therapy that enable lasting transformation, on an individual level and in a group setting.

Helping individuals, teams and companies to release what has been holding them back from being truly great

In this fast-paced modern world, it can be very easy to become stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. New challenges require new innovations and new approaches to ensure that individuals and teams can live and perform to their maximum capacity.

Whether an individual, group or team, my goal is to help you move forward free of the weight of stress, anxiety and fear and with a true sense of clarity and confidence about who you really are and how you best perform in whatever area of life. 

To be clear on your true gifts and talents and to feel free to use them in a way that brings you maximum satisfaction and positively and naturally impacts the world around you.

Liam Hand
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Sez CoxSez Cox
09:11 05 Feb 24
Simply life changing results. Cannot thank him enough!!
Mike KnightMike Knight
09:36 17 Jan 24
I had 2 sessions with Liam in November and December 2023 and i extremely surprised at the profound results in such a short space of time. I went to Liam with a few issues that have niggled me for years/decades surrounding work and some lifestyle issues that i had old belief systems ingrained and was grappling with changing them. I knew on an intellectual level what needed to be changed but still could not change my thought patterns and/behaviours and ultimately my actions. After one sessions i noticed a massive shift in how i was thinking but more so how i was acting following the thoughts. After the second session and a couple of weeks to digest what had happened in the therapy i really started to notice the small changes i had made which resulted in big wins both in business and my personal life. Following the sessions i am a lot more mindful before i act and question any old beliefs i may have that are now redundant. Liam has massively helped me to dig deep and replace old belief systems with more bright and positive ways of thinking about a situation. I must admit although i am open minded i was sceptical about the therapy, however from only 1 month on, i have noticed incredible changes and it seems they are long lasting. I will be going back to Liam should there be any future issues that i feel stuck with so i can work through them again. Thanks Liam for you help.
Tom HartasTom Hartas
12:07 05 Aug 23
I reached out to Liam to get help with my speech and developing my confidence. I had a speech impediment when I was a teenager and this followed me somewhat into my 20s and particularly impacted my confidence and how I viewed myself. Through working with Liam, my speech profoundly improved. More powerful than that however was how we tackled the underlying experiences and emotions that were causing my speech impediment to manifest. It’s an ongoing journey for me, and Liam’s coaching has really helped me to take big strides in the right direction. I would highly recommend Liam to anyone who is looking to increase their confidence, communication and performance.
10:00 08 May 23
I was recommended to visit Liam by another sporting parent who spoke very highly of his work with his son, so I decided we had to try him. We visited Liam for my 17 year old son who plays football at a decent level.We block booked with Liam, and it was definitely a good investment. Liam was also very happy to accept weekly payments which was helpful.Since visiting Liam, I have seen a change in my sons way of playing.Previously hesitation was often, and confidence wasn't always there.Since using Liam, hesitation is hardly seen and he is more confident in himself and his choices.He is able to recognise also, how he seems to be reacting in different ways, and has said, 'I probably wouldn't have done that a couple of months ago.'I have already recommended Liam to other sporting parents and do see us using Liams services far into the future as and when needed.Thank you very much Liam, wish I'd found you sooner.
Trina BaileyTrina Bailey
20:59 02 Feb 23
I can't recommend Liam enough. I had observed myself to be showing up in both business & personal life, with behaviours that were holding me back. I was completely aware that past trauma made me behave a certain way - doubting myself or anxious.Despite being fully aware, I couldn't logically override these feelings that welled up... it was all happening on a very subconscious level and no amount of rationalising the feelings or learned behaviours had worked.One 90min session with Liam using EMDR, TFT and hypnotherapy created a massive shift for me.I'm now free of those negative thoughts and fears that had held me back for years. It's like a weight has lifted and I'm now happier and more relaxed. The therapy was incredibly gentle and so effective in one session.Thank you!
Neeta MannNeeta Mann
10:20 06 Sep 22
I cannot recommend Liam highly enough!!!I developed anxiety after my son was born and would feel anxious when out with alone him. After 1 session with Liam, the anxiety was gone!Liam is committed and determined to resolve your issues in as few sessions as possible - ideally in the first session. This is a refreshing approach and speaks volumes about Liam's dedication and passion to help truly help his clients.As a fellow Hypnotherapist, Liam will always be my go to Hypnotherapist/ Coach if and when any issues arise.Thanks so much for everything Liam!
Annie FAnnie F
20:07 12 Sep 21
I was recommended to see Liam by a friend who had seen him and spoke of him so highly. I’ve never struggled with anxiety/depression but a few life events suddenly caused everything to spiral out of control within the matter of a couple weeks and I was desperate for anything to pull me out of one of the lowest points I have ever been in. I saw Liam as I knew where my underlaying issues were stemming from but I could not let go of the pain and negative emotions that were associated with certain memories. My inability to do this meant that any situation that caused me to feel any type of similar emotion would completely trigger me. I really did not know what to expect from the session but some how hoped i would magically walk out being able to think of the past without immediate tears. He has honestly enabled me to think of these previous painful situations and detach the pain and sadness from them and also made me realise the strength I had within me to take control of everything I was feeling. 4 months on from then and I can still discuss the past without feeling that weakness that I used to feel.Liam gave me a part of my life back and honestly pulled me out from one of the darkest places I have ever been in. For days I had been having panic attacks and immense bouts of crying attacks that would suddenly come over me. With the way I was feeling, I did not expect everything to clear within one session.. I remember going into the room with a black heavy weight on my chest and such a sadness from within and during the session i physically felt it shifting and becoming lighter. It took a few days from the session to feel that I had totally overcome all the pain and anxiety I was feeling but I kept using various techniques Liam used on me and showed me how to do at home whenever I was feeling low. I am so incredibly grateful to Liam. His personality was warm and i instantly felt like I had a safe place to comfortably and openly speak about things that I found difficult to communicate with anyone about. I have recommended Liam to so many people and due to my own experience with this issue in particular, I recommend him to anyone who struggles with emotional triggers and letting go of the past.

What people say about Liam's Work

What makes me different to other coaches & therapists?

I believe all human beings have an innate capacity to be well, and to perform well.

This doesn't stay the same however- we're human beings, not robots. It varies from time to time. However if we are tuned into our inner genius more often, we WILL perform to a higher level and more consistently.

All my work is based on the premise that you have an incredible natural blueprint- a source of natural genius within, just waiting to be expressed.

Within this blueprint is the highest possible expression of your gifts, talents & mental & emotional wellbeing. It's about allowing yourself to tune into this core genius. You have all the resources you need, already within you.

The question is, what is stopping you? What stops people expressing their true potential? This is the question that I'm always looking to address- whether working with individuals or groups.

I want to get straight to making an impact- no messing about and no over-analysis. Rapid change is possible so why take longer than we need to?

Focus on the Solutions

My immediate question always is- what is the solution? I don’t believe in simply ‘managing’ problematic situations. No one is meant to be struggling with their wellbeing or performing well below their optimum. We can do a lot better than ‘managing’ the situation and have you free & flying more quickly than you may have imagined- as we go straight to releasing the root cause/blocks preventing you from being at your best .

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