Wellbeing Training for Your Company
or Organisation

Full and Part Day Training

Mental health talks, presentations and workshops tailored to the needs of your individual organisation

 Staff will learn about:

  • Quick techniques and strategies to relieve stress and anxiety
  • Mindfulness and breathing techniques that increase feelings of wellbeing and promote greater focus and concentration
  •  How to monitor and improve their own lifestyle and self-care
  • Tips and strategies to improve sleep and energy

Improve sales performance

Workshops can be held on the mental side of improving sales performance. This can include training to improve confidence and remove self-doubt and anxiety. Individual sessions are also available with staff where required.

Corporate Consultancy

I offer a consultancy services for businesses wishing to monitor and improve mental health and wellbeing within the organisation. I can help you put together a monitoring system as well as organising appropriate interventions to deal with any issues early on.

Individual sessions with staff can also be arranged.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Corporate Packages

Corporate Package 1

One-off Wellbeing Training and Consultancy

Corporate Package 2

A Series of Training Sessions & Creation of Wellbeing Strategy

Corporate Package 3

Long term support over a year with training & incorporation of new wellbeing strategy

Package 1


  • Staff Wellbeing Days
  • Staff wellbeing workshops
  • One-off Consultancy
  • Individual Sessions with staff
  • Learn tapping in the workplace
  • Reduce Stress Workshops
  • Workshops to improve sales performance
  • Improving public speaking sessions

Package 2

3 Full Days over 3 months

  • Meetings with management to devise wellbeing strategy
  • Incorporation of tapping and the Psy-Tap techniques into the workplace
  • Learn powerful meditation and mindfulness techniques
  • Staff Wellbeing Workshops
  • Staff Wellbeing Audit
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety 
  • Individual sessions as required

Package 3

Coaching over 12 months

  • Have your wellbeing and mental health requirements taken care of
  • Dramatically reduce staff absence and increase productivity 
  • One full day per month
  • Wellbeing strategy devised with management
  • Full incorporation of Psy-Tap techniques
  • Full incorporation of meditation and mindfulness techniques
  • Staff Wellbeing Workshops
  • Staff Wellbeing Audit
  • Individual sessions as required