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Liam Hand
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Sez CoxSez Cox
09:11 05 Feb 24
Simply life changing results. Cannot thank him enough!!
Mike KnightMike Knight
09:36 17 Jan 24
I had 2 sessions with Liam in November and December 2023 and i extremely surprised at the profound results in such a short space of time. I went to Liam with a few issues that have niggled me for years/decades surrounding work and some lifestyle issues that i had old belief systems ingrained and was grappling with changing them. I knew on an intellectual level what needed to be changed but still could not change my thought patterns and/behaviours and ultimately my actions. After one sessions i noticed a massive shift in how i was thinking but more so how i was acting following the thoughts. After the second session and a couple of weeks to digest what had happened in the therapy i really started to notice the small changes i had made which resulted in big wins both in business and my personal life. Following the sessions i am a lot more mindful before i act and question any old beliefs i may have that are now redundant. Liam has massively helped me to dig deep and replace old belief systems with more bright and positive ways of thinking about a situation. I must admit although i am open minded i was sceptical about the therapy, however from only 1 month on, i have noticed incredible changes and it seems they are long lasting. I will be going back to Liam should there be any future issues that i feel stuck with so i can work through them again. Thanks Liam for you help.
Tom HartasTom Hartas
12:07 05 Aug 23
I reached out to Liam to get help with my speech and developing my confidence. I had a speech impediment when I was a teenager and this followed me somewhat into my 20s and particularly impacted my confidence and how I viewed myself. Through working with Liam, my speech profoundly improved. More powerful than that however was how we tackled the underlying experiences and emotions that were causing my speech impediment to manifest. It’s an ongoing journey for me, and Liam’s coaching has really helped me to take big strides in the right direction. I would highly recommend Liam to anyone who is looking to increase their confidence, communication and performance.
10:00 08 May 23
I was recommended to visit Liam by another sporting parent who spoke very highly of his work with his son, so I decided we had to try him. We visited Liam for my 17 year old son who plays football at a decent level.We block booked with Liam, and it was definitely a good investment. Liam was also very happy to accept weekly payments which was helpful.Since visiting Liam, I have seen a change in my sons way of playing.Previously hesitation was often, and confidence wasn't always there.Since using Liam, hesitation is hardly seen and he is more confident in himself and his choices.He is able to recognise also, how he seems to be reacting in different ways, and has said, 'I probably wouldn't have done that a couple of months ago.'I have already recommended Liam to other sporting parents and do see us using Liams services far into the future as and when needed.Thank you very much Liam, wish I'd found you sooner.
Trina BaileyTrina Bailey
20:59 02 Feb 23
I can't recommend Liam enough. I had observed myself to be showing up in both business & personal life, with behaviours that were holding me back. I was completely aware that past trauma made me behave a certain way - doubting myself or anxious.Despite being fully aware, I couldn't logically override these feelings that welled up... it was all happening on a very subconscious level and no amount of rationalising the feelings or learned behaviours had worked.One 90min session with Liam using EMDR, TFT and hypnotherapy created a massive shift for me.I'm now free of those negative thoughts and fears that had held me back for years. It's like a weight has lifted and I'm now happier and more relaxed. The therapy was incredibly gentle and so effective in one session.Thank you!
Neeta MannNeeta Mann
10:20 06 Sep 22
I cannot recommend Liam highly enough!!!I developed anxiety after my son was born and would feel anxious when out with alone him. After 1 session with Liam, the anxiety was gone!Liam is committed and determined to resolve your issues in as few sessions as possible - ideally in the first session. This is a refreshing approach and speaks volumes about Liam's dedication and passion to help truly help his clients.As a fellow Hypnotherapist, Liam will always be my go to Hypnotherapist/ Coach if and when any issues arise.Thanks so much for everything Liam!
Annie FAnnie F
20:07 12 Sep 21
I was recommended to see Liam by a friend who had seen him and spoke of him so highly. I’ve never struggled with anxiety/depression but a few life events suddenly caused everything to spiral out of control within the matter of a couple weeks and I was desperate for anything to pull me out of one of the lowest points I have ever been in. I saw Liam as I knew where my underlaying issues were stemming from but I could not let go of the pain and negative emotions that were associated with certain memories. My inability to do this meant that any situation that caused me to feel any type of similar emotion would completely trigger me. I really did not know what to expect from the session but some how hoped i would magically walk out being able to think of the past without immediate tears. He has honestly enabled me to think of these previous painful situations and detach the pain and sadness from them and also made me realise the strength I had within me to take control of everything I was feeling. 4 months on from then and I can still discuss the past without feeling that weakness that I used to feel.Liam gave me a part of my life back and honestly pulled me out from one of the darkest places I have ever been in. For days I had been having panic attacks and immense bouts of crying attacks that would suddenly come over me. With the way I was feeling, I did not expect everything to clear within one session.. I remember going into the room with a black heavy weight on my chest and such a sadness from within and during the session i physically felt it shifting and becoming lighter. It took a few days from the session to feel that I had totally overcome all the pain and anxiety I was feeling but I kept using various techniques Liam used on me and showed me how to do at home whenever I was feeling low. I am so incredibly grateful to Liam. His personality was warm and i instantly felt like I had a safe place to comfortably and openly speak about things that I found difficult to communicate with anyone about. I have recommended Liam to so many people and due to my own experience with this issue in particular, I recommend him to anyone who struggles with emotional triggers and letting go of the past.

Tom's Story- Listen to how my coaching client overcame a speech impediment and transformed his confidence levels

“I reached out to Liam to get help with my speech and developing my confidence. I had a speech impediment when I was a teenager and this followed me somewhat into my 20s and particularly impacted my confidence and how I viewed myself. Through working with Liam, my speech profoundly improved. More powerful than that however was how we tackled the underlying experiences and emotions that were causing my speech impediment to manifest. It’s an ongoing journey for me, and Liam’s coaching has really helped me to take big strides in the right direction. I would highly recommend Liam to anyone who is looking to increase their confidence, communication and performance.”

It was fascinating to work with Tom as he’s a very impressive, ambitious young professional who is committed to expressing his full potential. Through working together, we were able to:

  • Help him drastically improve his speech in a number of different situations that were previously problematic
  •  Release the effects of negative memories so they no longer had any impact on him
  • Create a whole new level of confidence and self-esteem through hypnosis, anchoring, visualisation and future-pacing
  • Improve his performance when speaking to groups or audiences

Entrepreneur Charlotte transforms her money mindset

Charlotte Holroyd- Branding Expert

“I had a transformation session with Liam as I’ve always had this undercurrent of anxiety around money and feeling insecure in my business and WOW what a massive transformation!

This anxiety around money had started to effect me quite a bit and has been stopping me from growing and really enjoying self employment. A lot of how I felt was irrational so reasoning and the usual approaches failed to make any improvement in how I felt. 

Liam’s approach really spoke to me, as he talked about subconscious patterns and throughout the session I felt deep shifts. He also brought in my Human Design. This made so much sense and Liam really spoke to who I am and helped me to see that my work comes in waves and that’s natural. I’d been at points of thinking I need a steady job but this was fear speaking and taking over.

Since the session I’ve felt free, calm and inspired to move forward in my business instead of paralysed by fear. Liam helped me to feel secure in my Manifesting Generator style and that work comes in waves and this is natural. I walked out of the door feeling so much lighter, back to me and not letting fear and anxiety rule the show!

I loved how quick and powerful the session was as having months of therapy sessions never felt right for me as I knew it was more patterns and beliefs that needed unlodging as opposed to talking it through. I am still amazed by how much of a shift I have experienced in just the one session, it truly is incredible and down to Liam’s skill and unique approach!”

More Testimonials

Nine year old boy
overcomes anxiety in one session

I literally don’t have the words to thank Liam enough. He has changed our 9 year old sons life. 1 hour with Liam and we have our boy back, anxiety free. I could physically see the change in him during the session and in his words he felt “free” when we came out. I can’t recommend Liam enough. He was so kind and put us at ease immediately and is literally a life changer. Thank you thank you thank you. Do not hesitate to come and see Liam- you will not regret it.

 –  Keeley S, Manchester

Client feels 'a totally
different person' after anxiety session

Liam changed my life !!
I can’t recommend Liam enough. I’ve seen him twice- in the first session he concentrated on my anxiety and depression which was debilitating to the point I was off work anxious about leaving the house. Had absolutely no energy and felt so down. In the first session he removed all these feelings and I felt a totally different person. I didn’t know that I had not been breathing properly for a long time and felt alive like a weight had gone and the fog had lifted. All in 90 minutes.
– Mark J, Leeds

Client finally releases anxiety after trying many different methods

I have experienced anxiety on and off for many years and have tried different methods of relieving this without much success. I decided to try Liam’s approach after hearing him speak to a group and experiencing his methods first hand. I was delighted with the results and I feel lighter and more content after just the one recommended session.I explored a painful situation guided by Liam and felt the shift physically and emotionally. I also liked the fact that I can use the simple practices at home to continue the success.

– Pauline F, Lancashire

Zoom Session leaves client anxiety free after decades

I had a 90 minute zoom session with Liam last week. Having suffered from anxiety since I was a teenager and having tried numerous types of therapy and coping mechanisms I wasn’t sure that I was able to be fixed. However 90 minutes of learning new techniques and releasing old trauma and what I knew as anxiety has gone. It’s been so refreshing to go about my day to day life and not be consumed by overwhelming anxious feelings and thoughts. I’ve recommended Liam to family and friends as no one should suffer with anxiety when people like Liam can genuinely help.
Thank you Liam

– Emma B, Essex

13 years of Anxiety gone in one session

I can not recommend Liam enough. After just one session, I am feeling like a new person with a whole new life. I’ve struggled with anxiety for 13 years or more and I am finally free.
Thank you Liam 👍

– Natalie C, Manchester

Client overcomes anxiety & reduces medication

I cannot thank Liam enough for the help he has given me to overcome my anxiety. I feel so relaxed and more confident making my own decisions. I have been able to reduce my medication. Liam is very approachable and puts you at ease. I can’t believe how the result has changed my wellbeing. Thank you again Liam.

-Denise A, Manchester

Trauma and PTSD

Recovery from PTSD & anxiety in one session

Having suffered with PTSD, anxiety and panic attacks I really was at my lowest when I went to see Liam. I believed he could help me, but didn’t realise just how much of a massive change he would make to my life. I’ve gone from feeling despair and the weight of the world on me, to becoming the person I want to be. Anxiety has gone, trauma has gone. The reasons why I suffered them are still there, not forgotten, just no emotional feelings attached to them any more. The relief is indescribable, I have my life back. I highly recommend Liam, and thank you so much.

– Deena L, Manchester

Trauma-related sleep issues overcome in one session

I can’t thank Liam enough, one appointment has really changed everything for me. I have not slept properly since I was 15 now I’m 37 and after one appointment, I have slept every night since for no less than 7 hours. Also some other issues I have struggled with, I really can’t believe the change and can’t thank you enough. I never imagined I could feel as I do now and that was down to Liam. Thank you.

 – Louise P, Manchester

Recovery from trauma after 14 years

I had a session with Liam a few weeks ago and I honestly can’t believe the difference it’s made to my life. I suffered with anxiety for 14 years following a traumatic incident. I tried medication, counselling and CBT, which helped, but my anxiety never went away. I struggled with things like going to a supermarket and busy places. After my session, I was able to do all the things that had Previously caused me anxiety and haven’t looked back since. I can’t recommend Liam enough!

 – Stacey S, Preston

Fears & Phobias

Fear of Flying overcome
in one session

The man is a genius. Nobody could possibly have been more scared of flying than me. Liam was recommended to me by a friend of the family. He cured my phobia in one session and since then I’ve flown six times. Not only has he changed my life but my family’s lives as well. I would recommend him to anyone.


– Warren S, Manchester

Flying Fear of 8 years overcome in one session

Liam helped me fix my flying anxiety of eight or more years after one session. From the build up prior to flying/take off and during flight.

Would highly recommend as a first method to solve anyone’s flight anxiety. Great communication and follow up. Thanks again.


– Chris R, Manchester

Client enjoys flying after years of fear

I cannot thank liam enough for his help. I was really sceptical about whether the treatment would work. after just one session, liam has cured my flying phobia, yesterday not only did I fly stress free but I also enjoyed the experience. His tecqnics and breathing exercises also help me day to day I’m a much calmer person.


– Maria B, Manchester

Fear of Flying overcome
in one session

I visited Liam today for help with my fear of flying. All of my family and friends know how scared I am when it comes to getting on a plane and I can’t wait to tell them about my session with Liam. Coming away from today I feel so much more positive and I will be booking my first ever holiday outside of Europe, which is something that I never would have considered previously. I would recommend Liam to anyone, and not just for flying phobias! I found it very enjoyable going through the various techniques and Liam made me feel totally relaxed straightaway. Thank you again Liam – I’m now looking forward to lots of new adventures!

– Debbie B, Cheshire

Fear of Motorways, Heights & Bridges Overcome

I had the most awesome experience this week and literally still buzzing days after my therapy session with Liam. I went in very apprehensive and not sure my problem will be solved especially after Liam told me following my telephone booking that he believed I will be fine after one session. I have never believed in hypnotherapy and only went there so as not to disappoint a friend who had recommended Liam.
To cut a long story short, I left there a different person and my fear of driving on bridges and heights went that same day. I even drove on one without realising it and have been driving confidently since then.
– Nya M, Staffordshire

Eating Issues- Fear of Trying New Foods

Well…what can I say? He’s changed my life in a massive way!
I went to see Liam to see if he could help with my fussy eating, turns out he could.
I’ve had great eating habits now for week now, some things I’m still slowly getting to grips with but all in all I cannot thank Liam enough.
A great recommendation from my husband who went to see him too.
Liam, I cannot thank you enough for your help
– Dan G, Leeds

Confidence & Self Esteem

Anxiety Client Returns to Develop Confidence

The second session was my own choice as I wanted to work on my confidence. I have to say this session was just as good, I left being my old self from years ago. My confidence is building day day on and I’m making plans for the future which I wasn’t before.
After both session I felt amazing and continued to improve every day I still feel the improvements happening.
He also gives you coping tapping techniques which you may never need but are useful to have. I myself have only had to use a couple of times.
Thank you so much Liam. I will definitely and already have recommended you to everyone.
Keep up the excellent work


-Mark J, Leeds

'Bubbly' Mum releases anxiety & develops true confidence

Bubbly, hardworking career women and Mummy. A girl who is always full of confidence…that’s what you see and think when you look at me! Well it wasn’t… my anxiety battle has been an on going situation for some years starting from childhood trauma leading to feeling this way in my adult life and not knowing my worth. I was at my wits end with my anxiety and I felt sick, paranoid and questioned everything all the time. In many situations although you wouldn’t know it.
I contacted Liam and as emotional as the session was it has genuinely been life changing. I never would of believed I could feel like this. It’s been a bit of a tough ride but thanks to Liam I feel amazing and rational with no anxiety. Thank you Liam and thank you for the continued support since seeing you 🙂. everyday it’s exciting to see what I can REAL feel other than that disgusting sicky worries feeling, please don’t be afraid to contact him! He has been amazing to myself afterwards too which I just can’t thank you enough and want to it again 🙂 I’m not normally one to put something so public but it’s amazing what I achieved with my anxiety, so I’m excited to see my continued growth this year with out it!!!

-Laura H, Manchester

12 year old boy 'gets his sparkle back'

I took my 12 year old to see Liam, I wasn’t sure what to expect. We were immediately put at ease with Liam’s friendly approach. He had been struggling with his confidence & wasn’t “himself”.  He had been very upset the week previous & he told me he no longer wanted to feel the way he did. After one session the change in my son was remarkable. He said he felt like a big weight had been lifted off his shoulders & I could see that not only in his personality but how confidently he held himself. We are nearly a month on from his session and I see a huge change in his outlook, school, sport, homework & he has got his “sparkle back”. I can’t thank Liam enough.

– Louise B, Cheshire


Client develops confidence and self-esteem

I can’t recommend Liam enough. His overall approach is so professional, making you feel at ease from the moment you walk in the room. It’s clear that his approach is tailored individually to each of his clients. Liam provided me with the help and skills that I needed in order to make changes in my life and I can not thank him enough. If you are considering the help of Liam then my advice is go for it – you won’t regret it! Thank you Liam 😊

-Lauren J, West Yorkshire

Client Transforms Confidence Issues in One session

I cannot recommend Liam enough. I went to him with a few issues, mainly self confidence and struggling to see a bright future. He put me at ease from the moment I met him, such a genuine person. I can honestly say he has changed the way I feel about myself and am excited about the future once again.


– Louise T, Manchester

Client in US rediscovers confidence after relationship

I just got out of a long term relationship which was devastating to me. Liam’s techniques helped me cope with everything. He really takes time and care with his clients and pays attention to what they truly need. He researches the most advanced tools in therapy in order to produce the best results. I am still using his techniques today and I am very thankful for them! I highly recommend scheduling a session with Liam, you won’t regret it!

– Natalie M, USA