Genius Flow Coaching with Liam

Take your life, work & business to the next level with a coaching approach that honours your unique energetic blueprint

Discover and harness your true, unique gifts & talents & allow your success to soar

Are you ready to take things to the next level? Do you really want to truly get to know yourself? If you’re ready to get practical, I can help you to get things moving.

As a coach, I use a number of different systems of profiling such as the incredible Human Design and Gene Keys alongside my transformational work- combining the cutting edge with ancient wisdom- helping you to release what is not authentically you & to shine as the unique individual that you were born to be.

This is about practically applying the knowledge to your life & allowing your genius to flow & success to soar to levels beyond what you may have thought was possible.

Liam Hand
High Performance Coach

Is it time to try something

Perhaps you’re reading this after trying many different approaches to improving your life, work or business. 

Maybe you’ve worked with coaches who’ve told you that you must do x or y in order to succeed. 

Maybe you’ve been told to model the success of others- to essentially copy what successful people do.

Maybe a coach told you to niche in a certain area and gave you a supposedly failsafe formula to meet your goals.

Yet none of this worked for you. Or at least didn’t work as well as you’d have liked. No matter how hard your try, does it feel like something is still missing? That there are still some barriers that are preventing you from truly soaring?

The fact is that one size fits all can’t possibly work as well for everyone in the world. We are all designed to do things differently. We’re all designed to live life differently, to do business differently, to express our talents and to make decisions differently.

Many coaches overlook this and believe one model will work for everyone as long as they ‘hustle’ and keep persevering. 

The systems of profiling I use as part of Genius Flow are incredible for helping you to work smartly- to stop doing the things that don’t work for you and showing you a better, more enjoyable and more fulfilling way. The path of least resistance and maximum satisfaction.

It helps you to stop flogging a dead horse and to truly honour yourself as the unique being that you are.

This is an opportunity to truly get to know yourself. To get in touch with your power. To make changes that will produce life-changing results by working with your energy and not against it.

About Me

For years I tried to do things everyone else’s way. I listened to career advisers, to well-meaning family members, to life and business coaches.

I ended up in the wrong career after doing what I thought I was ‘supposed’ to do.

I became a teacher, and although there were aspects of the job I enjoyed, I knew straight away that it wasn’t for me.

I was immensely stressed, tired and disillusioned. It felt like I was constantly fighting against the tide.

It simply wasn’t for me. I was never going to reach my potential and to be able to express my true gifts and talents in that environment and with those restrictions.

Yet it took me years to realise it. After finding the courage to leave teaching, I became a therapist and coach.

Although I knew I was far more suited to the new work, I continued to try to do things other people’s way. Trying to model the success of others. Doing what other people believed I needed to do in order to be successful. It was hard work and the results never seemed to be where I wanted them to be.

It was only when I discovered Human Design and other energetic profiling systems that I began honouring myself more. Listening to my soul. Learning about how I was designed to do things as opposed to what I was supposed to do.

That was a huge game-changer. It transformed my decision-making, the way I worked and brought me into alignment with my true essence and inner genius.

The ultimate result is far greater sense of purpose, joy and satisfaction- allowing life to flow much more easily.

Work with Me

Genius Flow Coaching Programs

Zoom Worldwide or in Cheshire

A unique coaching approach that is tailored to you at an energetic level. I start by profiling you in detail with various systems (ancient and modern) that I’ve discovered and researched over several years- what I believe to be the best of the best.

You get to know yourself better than ever- and perhaps truly for the first time.

From there, I use that knowledge to inform our work together and ensure we are always honouring your energetic blueprint.

Through knowing yourself more deeply than ever before, you step into true authenticity.

Ultimately we allow your true genius to flow naturally through presence, authenticity, release of blocks and past trauma and communication with the deeper parts of you.

I use hypnosis, tapping and the best of the best of other therapeutic modalities where necessary to release what is not you and to attune you to your highest, most powerful self.

The result of this is incredible clarity on your purpose, elevated performance, dramatically increasing abundance (financially and in other areas), satisfaction and wellbeing.

Genius Flow Coaching Programs

Available in 6 or 12 session blocks or weekly sessions over 6 months

A comprehensive, tailored program of sessions over 6 or 12 weeks or weekly over 6 months designed to unlock your true potential. Thoroughly get to know yourself and your true gifts and talents with Human Design and Gene Keys and release blocks, fear and conditioning through hypnosis and other powerful modalities to allow you to fully express the true brilliance of your authentic blueprint.

Ideal for those who want to:

  • Effortlessly attract abundance in all areas of life- money, relationships, work
  • Excel in business or your career
  • Live a more joyous life with more satisfaction and less resistance
  • Get to know who you truly are at your core and to develop strategies that work specifically for YOU