For parents of talented athletes/sportspeople

Mental and emotional skills for optimum development

Free Webinar with mental performance coach Liam Hand

Leave no stone unturned in the quest to be the best you can be

Zoom Webinar- Sunday 24th March- 2:00-3:00pm UK time

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This is the next major area of growth in sport. I believe we need to go beyond basic sports psychology and go much deeper

Academies and development programmes are only scratching the surface of what is possible- and talent is being wasted as a result

We need to equip young athletes from a young age with knowledge and practical tools so that they can harness the full power of their minds and emotions

I believe they should learn cutting edge strategies for wellbeing management and to enhance performance

The window for prime development is short and we need to optimise that time as best we can to give these young athletes the very best chance

Getting the best out of yourself- don't leave it up to chance

I support athletes to know themselves better than ever- to fully recognise and embrace their gifts and talents, and to know how to get the very best out of themselves.

The support most athletes are getting on the mental/emotional side of things is way below what it should be. By embracing this, you will be a step ahead of the game and the competition- regardless of your sport.

You will be a trendsetter. A leader. A pioneer.

An emotionally intelligent performer is one that is equipped for any challenge, any scenario.

And a performer with a toolbox of techniques that instantly impact the mind, body and emotions is primed to be on top of their game more often than not.


What you will gain from this webinar

  • Learn how the mind and emotions impact performance- and how we can use this to our advantage
  • A demonstration of some simple yet highly powerful techniques for stress and anxiety release
  • A demonstration of anchoring and how we can anchor states of confidence and power- and use them in pressure situations
  • Learn how to not only deal with pressure, but be able to thrive under it
  • Learn how being fully present in the moment allows you to access greater levels of your talent
  • What you can do as a parent to give your child the very best chance of reaching their potential
  • Strategies that cover both wellbeing and performance

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