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Elite Performance Coaching for Sportspeople & Teams

Time to to reach new levels in your performance

Take control of your mind and emotions to enhance you career

Overcome any emotional or mental issue that has been holding you back in your performance 

Stop and release fear and anxiety and replace them with a real sense of confidence

Discover a whole new level of belief, focus and purpose

Learn cutting edge techniques, tools and strategies that you can use to instantly put you in ‘the zone’ for optimal performance

Allow your true genius to flow naturally in each performance

Are you ready to take your career to the next level?

You have the talent. You have the ambition. You have goals. It goes without saying that to reach the highest level in any sport, you have to put the hard work in to perfect your craft. There is physical sacrifice and hard work that must be done physically in order to reach the elite levels.

There are many mental and emotional challenges however along the way for sportspeople. The mental and emotional side is vital in any sport and has a massive impact on your game. This is often still overlooked.

There are plenty of sportspeople out there who have an elite level of skill but don’t haven’t optimised the mental and emotional side of the game. I’m sure you can think of some examples of supremely talented individuals who didn’t make it to the top level as a result of this.

Sometimes their backgrounds impact the development of their careers. Or deep-rooted fears can lead to them self-sabotaging in their personal lives or in training, having a massive impact on their development.

It doesn’t have to be this way. The past doesn’t have to define you and you can release anything that has been affecting you.

What if you could optimise your mind and emotions- supercharging your brain and emotions for a whole new level of performance?

Discover my cutting edge Genius Flow Method that effortlessly allows you to be at your best

This is about far more than just the brain. It’s about tuning you into your natural genius- the thing that you were recognised for in the first place.

Sometimes you can lose access to your genius through fear, overthinking or trying (or being forced) to be something that you’re not.

Sportspeople face constant challenges emotionally and mentally and most academies and development programmes are ill-equipped to help you deal with those challenges.

This is about being a step ahead of the game- and the competition, with elite-level support.

Genius Flow

My unique method of optimising your talent and performance


We address any barriers to your wellbeing & mental health issues you may be experiencing, giving you a practical toolbox so you can proactively manage and release fear, stress & anxiety.

Performance Optimisation

I work with the deeper subconscious parts of you to optimise performance- allowing flow states to be natural in pressure situations & tuning you into a higher level of your unique talent.


I profile you in great detail through a number of cutting edge systems to get clear on your unique blueprint as an individual and elite performer.  Finding what truly works for YOU as a unique individual to allow your genius to flow

Liam Hand
Elite Performance Coach

Transformational coach, hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner with over 8 years’ experience

Take your performance to a whole new level

As a huge sports fan, I have devised a brand new, cutting edge approach to elite mental sports performance.

This is more than simply ‘sports hypnosis’ or even simply focusing on optimising the brain.

Yes, hypnosis is incredibly useful for helping you to make changes to your performance and I do use it alongside other strategies and techniques.

Yet the brain is only a part of the optimisation of your game.

I believe you have a unique blueprint as a sportsperson and you may well be operating at only a fraction of your true potential.

Using a combination of the latest approaches in coaching and therapy, I have come up with a unique approach that mentally, emotionally and physically will allow you to take your performance as a sportsperson to the next level.

Having been a successful mind coach and therapist for over 7 years now, I feel it is time to apply this formula to the sporting world.