The Easiest Way to Overcome a Flying Phobia and Travel the World

Time to stop your fear of flying from holding you back.

Imagine what it will be like to be sipping a cocktail on the beach on the holiday of your dreams.

Or making priceless memories with your family in the sunshine.

Having helped dozens of people overcome their fear of flying over the last 8 years, I know exactly how restrictive this fear can be.

You’d love to go abroad to far-flung destinations, but the fear and terror you feel means that you avoid it.

Or if you do manage to fly, it’s with great stress and difficulty- perhaps with the aid of alcohol or diazepam.

You don't have to suffer anymore

It’s time to change all of that and allow yourself to fly free of fear- wherever and whenever you want

There is no need to put yourself through any of that anymore

Not only can you be free of fear- I can also help you to actually enjoy the experience of flying

This is a tried and tested formula that helps you to go from fearful to fear-free in a single 90 minute session via Zoom or in-person in Manchester/Cheshire.

No more fear about booking your flight- or about coming home once you get there

I know exactly what it’s like. You want to take that trip but the fear is just too great. Booking a holiday/vacation can be traumatic in itself as you feel the terror about the impending flight.

The build up to the flight itself can be highly stressful and to some excruciating- when you’d dearly love to be able to get excited about your trip.

Perhaps you formulate a plan to somehow get you through the flight. Alcohol or anxiety medication to numb the fear.

But it’s still there- you can never seem to completely make it go away.

When you arrive in your destination, initially you feel huge relief. But a few days before you’re due to fly home, you start to feel the fear and dread come flooding back. It takes the shine off the last few days of your trip as you know what is coming- another flight.

Time for that to change. Imagine what it will be like when you can feel excitement from the moment you book a trip away- through the whole airport/flying experience and imagine the freedom you’ll feel, knowing that the fear isn’t going to ruin the last few days of your holiday.

Where will you go and how will it change your life once you can fly free of fear?

What will it mean to you to be able to fly with freedom- whenever, wherever you like?

What my Clients Say about Fear-Free Flying

The man is a genius. Nobody could possibly have been more scared of flying than me. Liam was recommended to me by a friend of the family. He cured my phobia in one session and since then I’ve flown six times. Not only has he changed my life but my family’s lives as well. I would recommend him to anyone.

Warren Smith- Manchester, UK

I cannot thank Liam enough for his help. I was really sceptical about whether the treatment would work. after just one session, Liam has cured my flying phobia. Yesterday not only did I fly stress free but I also enjoyed the experience. His techniques and breathing exercises also help me day to day- I’m a much calmer person.

Maria Blackman- Manchester, UK

Liam helped me fix my flying anxiety of eight or more years after one session. From the build up prior to flying/take off and during flight. Would highly recommend as a first method to solve anyone’s flight anxiety. Great communication and follow up. Thanks again.

Chris Rynzak- Manchester, UK

I visited Liam today for help with my fear of flying. All of my family and friends know how scared I am when it comes to getting on a plane and I can’t wait to tell them about my session with Liam. Coming away from today I feel so much more positive and I will be booking my first ever holiday outside of Europe, which is something that I never would have considered previously. I would recommend Liam to anyone, and not just for flying phobias! I found it very enjoyable going through the various techniques and Liam made me feel totally relaxed straightaway. Thank you again Liam – I’m now looking forward to lots of new adventures!

Debbie Broome- Cheshire, UK

Powerful results that last

My unique formula, using a combination of the latest approaches from hypnotherapy, NLP, TFT tapping and other modalities, allows you to achieve fast and painless results.

No excruciating exposure therapy, no simulators or scary test flights, no drawn out analysis and no unnecessary pain- this is about fast results in a safe, encouraging, enjoyable environment.

The solutions to this issue are not found in the logical, cognitive mind. This is a subconscious issue, and this approach goes right to the root of the issue in the subconscious mind.

There is no need to try and understand what goes on logically on a plane such as what the noises are or how the plane operates-understanding this is unlikely to have much of an impact on your fear. We need to go much deeper than that.

I know that every fear is different- this method addresses all of the following that can contribute to a fear of flying and more:


Enclosed Spaces



Being out of control


Fear of crashing/death

Anticipatory anxiety (before the flight)

How it works

30 minute Zoom intake call

90 minute session in Manchester/Wilmslow or via Zoom worldwide

Optional 15 minute phone call/Zoom on day prior to flight

Freedom to fly fear-free whenever, wherever

Are you ready to open up a whole new world of possibilities?

These sessions create life-changing results. 

90 minutes of change work- a lifetime of benefits

Not only do the results impact you- they also have huge positive impacts on your family, friends and anyone else you travel with

When you are ready to commit to flying fear-free, contact me by tapping the link below.

In your message, please summarise the nature of your fear and relevant details. I will get back to you within 24 hours to outline the necessary details and to arrange a time for the initial Zoom call.