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Anxiety- What you Need to Know

Anxiety is not meant to be a permanent state.

If you or someone you know suffers from it, you will be all too aware of the problems it can cause.

As an anxiety to confidence specialist, I have worked with hundreds of clients with anxiety over the last few years in my coaching and hypnotherapy practice in Manchester. I’ve also seen many clients on Skype in that time worldwide.

Here are 10 of the main things that I’ve found out about anxiety

Anxiety is generally a feeling of worry or unease with a focus on the future in some way. Anxious people tend to be deeply uncomfortable with uncertainty and often obsess about all the things that could possibly go wrong.

Past emotional trauma often contributes too, or causes anxiety.

Everyone feels anxious at some point and there is nothing wrong with a small degree of anxiety every now and again in certain situations- at times it can be useful and can ensure our safety. But when it persists and takes control of your life, it becomes a problem.

Anxiety is often driven by over-thinking. Anxious people often have very active minds with a lot of negative thoughts. One thing to realise is that often the source of anxiety is your thinking, and not what is actually going on. It’s actually the way you’re thinking about it. 

 Anxiety can produce many physical symptoms in the body. Some common symptoms include stomach aches, IBS, headaches, palpitations, shaking, sweaty palms, insomnia and many more

Anxiety can lead to addictive behaviours such as excess eating or drinking and also avoidance and procrastination.

Many people with anxiety also have low self-esteem and worry constantly about what other people think and whether they are good enough.

Anxiety can be driven by being constantly obsessed and preoccupied with the next thing– the next challenge, the next item of clothing to buy, the next experience. Trying to have and experience everything can drive anxiety.

Perfectionism and the constant pursuit of perfection often fuels and drives anxiety.

Constantly comparing yourself to others can fuel and drive anxiety.


What can you do about it?

The great news is, there is plenty that can be done about anxiety. Although to many people it seems like it runs their life and that there is no way out, anxiety is definitely something that be overcome. But where do you start? Here I will suggestions based on my own views- if in doubt you should always seek professional medical advice.

  1. Accept the situation and be honest that there is an issue that needs to be solved
  2. Believe that it is possible to overcome anxiety and to feel calm and confident again
  3. Feel the desire to change
  4. Seek advice, either from a medical professional or an experienced coach or therapist
  5. Commit to empowering yourself with new knowledge and strategies
  6. Learn new skills and coping strategies for the time being such as mindfulness, exercises, breathing techniques and tapping
  7. Seek help from a proven therapist or coach who can help you to release what is fuelling your anxiety
  8. Explore fast strategies for releasing what fuels your anxiety- I highly recommend hypnotherapy, along with other techniques such as tapping (EFT or TFT) and Kinetic Shift. These are all techniques that have helped to produce amazing results with my clients
  9. Release past trauma, emotional pain, accumulated stress with an experience therapist or coach
  10.  Build your self-esteem, in the awareness that you are already good enough right now

This all must be followed by a change in routines and lifestyle- although this will be far more easy once you have worked with a therapist or coach one to one. Once the root cause of your anxiety is cleared, you will actually be inspired to make the right changes to support your new life.

The overall result will be a quieter mind, a much calmer and more peaceful feeling within, and a much increased sense of resilience and self-esteem.

If you would like any advice relating to your specific experience of anxiety, feel free to email me at



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