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How Visualisation With Strong Emotion Can Help You Transform Your Life

Visualisation alone is not nearly as effective as visualisation with a STRONG EMOTION– it’s so important to ‘feel it from the end’.

Some people say to me, “I can’t visualise.” I believe that everyone can visualise, although it does come more easily to some people. Everyone for example, can imagine what an apple looks like, or another very familiar everyday object. Most people can imagine what their name would look like written down. Or what their house or front door looks like.

If you find yourself stressing about visualising, then change the word to ‘imagine’. Everyone has an imagination, so we can imagine how we would like to feel in certain situations.

How would it feel if everything right, if you were confident in mind and body in those situations that have been bothering you? 😌

For example, if you have a fear of public speaking, you imagine the feeling of everything flowing while you speak to a group- the words coming easily, the feeling of knowing that there is value in what you have to say, the feeling of the audience being welcoming and receptive to you.

If it’s a sport you would imagine the feeling of everything coming together at the right time- trusting your instincts, trusting your muscle memory and your technique.

The great feeling of knowing that you are naturally making the right decisions at the right time. ⚽️🏏🏉🏌️‍♂️

A footballer could imagine that amazing feeling as they find themselves in the penalty area at just the right time to put the ball in the net, or a defender may imagine the perfect last minute tackle to prevent a goal and the feeling that comes with it. ⚽️🏆

A batsman in cricket may imagine the freedom they feel when batting at the top of their game- how present they feel and how the ball seems bigger as all their movements flow perfectly at the right time. That feeling of being in that bubble with a quiet, clear mind, focusing on every ball and trusting their technique. 🏏

This really does apply to so many different areas, not only in sport but in life in general.

In order to improve at whatever it is you like to improve at, you have to first of all have the desire to get better. You must imagine the feelings of freedom, excitement and positivity you will feel once you achieve the goal, and you must do it consistently over time.

I suggest to all my clients to do some sort of positive visualisation with feeling, even if short, every day. Preferably first thing every morning for at least 5 minutes, and of course longer if possible.

Not only does this keep you feeling positive and motivated, it also physically and chemically starts off changes in your brain. This is why the emotion side is important. Dr Joe Dispenza’s work has shown that changes in the brain, (due to neuroplasticity) take place much more quickly in the presence of visualisation or meditation with a strong feeling.

Consistency is key. You have the power to begin making your desired changes yourself, and all you need to start with is desire and imagination.

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3 thoughts on “How Visualisation With Strong Emotion Can Help You Transform Your Life”

  1. After acknowledging where you are now, start visualizing the smaller positive changes and then move to the larger ones.  This will help increase your belief and its often easier to make the smaller changes more real when just starting out with creative visualization. Your visualization can then unfold like a movie plot with all the exciting goals and dreams coming true at the end!

  2. Your subconscious mind — that clever detective — would immediately go hunting through your memories and ?nd other examples of rejection — like that time your best friend dumped you to hang out with the more popular kids — and draw a conclusion that you’re somehow unworthy or unlovable and deserve to be rejected.

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